4 Tips to Creating the Strongest Password Possible

Creating Strong Password- Ability Technologies Explains

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The mention of a strong password doesn’t mean combining the most complicated letters, names, and numbers. If you have tried that before, you’ll attest that the next few days, you were trying to change the password since you have already forgotten it.

The good news is that you can have a simple-to-remember password that is still very strong. For example, a combination of your name and a few numbers might be easy to recall but simple to hack. So what makes a password strong? Ability Technologies in Colorado brings you some ideal tips for creating a reliable password.

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Don’t Be Obvious

By being obvious, we mean don’t be predictable. Using one password for all your data and sites will leave you exposed. Another mistake people often make is using common passwords such as “123456, password, abcdef,” among others, for example. Unfortunately, even an amateur hacker can easily guess these passwords, so avoid the obvious at all costs.

Complicated is the way to go. Combine the known and unknown and make it hard for someone to guess.

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Avoid Re-Using Your Passwords

Repeating that dormant password across your various accounts is risky. Computer security is a serious thing. If at any point someone discovers one of your re-used passwords for a single account, they might try it for all other accounts.

It is important to note that some websites are more secure than others. For example, that account password you have for your Facebook account has less computer security than your bank account.

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Longer is Always Better

Regardless of the complexity, longer passwords are worth using. This is because they are harder to crack or guess. In addition, each unique and extra character you add within it exponentially increases its security.

While it is safer to have a longer password, it’s imperative to have one you can easily remember. In other words, it’s smart to make it longer and less complex to ensure that you always remember it.

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Do Not Relate the Password to Yourself

This is also very critical. Ensure you use obscure data that has nothing to do with you. Using personal information like your name, birthdays, pet’s name, favorite movie, or company names makes it easier to guess.

If you can come up with a random password, that’s your best bet, but ensure that you can easily remember it.

We all have sensitive data that we wouldn’t want exposed or falling into the wrong hands. The only place we go wrong is the passwords we use. With the ideas mentioned above, you can create a better, stronger, easier-to-remember password. If you encounter any difficulties, Ability Technologies in Colorado are here to help you with any computer security issues. Get in touch with our team today.

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