Email and Spam Protection

If your company is like most in the digital era, email is the lifeblood of your communications. You likely send out weekly update emails to your employees, your employees use email as a communication log, and so much more. It serves one of the most important functions in your business, because without communication, your business won’t be able to operate at even a basic level. Thus, it’s important to protect one of the main channels of communication you have access to.

Email communication is a platform that is constantly under attack. With spam filters, hacked email accounts and other issues always on the horizon. It can be difficult to keep up with the trends and make sure that your company email is secure. That’s why Ability Technologies is happy to provide industry leading email protection services that keep you and your company’s email server safe and secure.



An email protection service provides a filter for inbound and outbound emails from your internet server. The inbound filter will check all incoming emails and data packages for spam, malware, suspicious links and other dangers. This lowers the chances of your employees potentially downloading viruses on company computers unwittingly, and potentially exposing sensitive client and employee data. The inbound filter will also work to divide emails between relevant folders to help each employee, and you, stay more organized. The outbound filtering scan will analyze any user on your server’s outgoing emails. This makes it easier for you to enforce adherence to your policies about emails and communications in general. It also ensures that there is no spam, malware or malicious content of any kind that is permitted to sneak in or out of the email server attached to your business’s brand name.



Most business owners don’t know, but emails are the most common cause of cyberattacks. You’ll have heard of the scenario where an employee on a company computer opens a phishing email. The link or the attachment in that email contains malware that spread throughout the system. It can extract data from the hard drive, and it can give the attacker the ability to operate on your business server as if they were the host themselves. By accessing this information and the server, they’ll be able to see every email sent from the organization which can put the business at risk of exposing confidential client and business information. This hacker can then carry out other phishing scams under your brand name, which helps them look more official and get past people’s lines of defense. It also sullies your business’s name.

Data leakage of any kind will result in severe consequences and a series of disasters that could affect multiple people and organizations. This type of security failure often results in a remarkable loss in the budget and the business’s future aspects. Proper email protection services can help ensure that this isn’t a concern ever again. This ensures that you business won’t accidentally put employees, share holders, related businesses or even unrelated individuals in an unnecessarily risky place.


As with any new service, you’ll have to shop around to find the right one. Here at Ability Technologies, we’re dedicated to creating the perfect email protection service which is why we provide the following benefits within our program:

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Every organization has their own needs and specifications when they set up their email server. Our protection strives to not interfere with your already laid out expectations for your email and your employees. Indeed, our email protection is uniquely compatible with most email servers and company email policies. We have strict quality standards, which makes our program flexible and compatible.



We don’t need to tell you that people don’t have much patience anymore. Now that the average website loads in around three seconds, waiting for a response from a company is an offense to most people. Most customers want 24/7 access to products, services, and customer services. New technologies make it easy to keep them satisfied, but should that technology falter, you’ll need a plan of action to go about properly fixing it and bringing everything back online with as minimal loss of profit as possible. With that comes ensuring that your business is resilient to hiccups. It’s something that your competitors and your clients will notice and appreciate and is a direct result of a good, well-crafted continuity plan.



Your business continuity plan is no plan at all if you aren’t working to make an outline for how to handle a crisis. Regardless of where this digital crisis comes from, whether it’s social media or an internal issue, your response can affect your brand value and the longevity of your business. It’s a crucial aspect of every good business continuity plan.

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In other words, it’s expected of your business, in a mainly digital world, to have a firm grip on what you do if something goes wrong. That is, you’ll have a continuity plan for almost every potential outcome. This is a standard procedure at this point, and organizations all over the world are becoming more and more focused on integrating risk and compliance management into their daily operations. It’s all about promoting better risk insight and better compliance awareness.

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