Why It's Important To Backup Your Data

It doesn't just cost money to fix the computer, it could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars of work hours to recreate the work that was lost and try and find other locations for client files and important, sensitive client information. Not to mention, it's embarrassing when you have to ask clients for information because a system failure caused you to lose it, or even to ask for extra time to complete their projects. Here are all the reasons why data backup is so important and some of the solutions you have available to you.

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Possible Computer Failures

There are a variety of causes for computer failure which can result in the loss of data. If you've ever had a computer crash or maybe even flooded by accident, then chances are you know how important it is to have your data backed up somewhere. With regular data backups, you will be able to recover your information if something happens, before it's too late and the damage has been done.

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Damage from Cyber Attacks

Unfortunately, cyber attacks are becoming more common on large and smaller businesses alike. Even with powerful antivirus software, assaults can have an effect on your system, eventually leading to failure if they aren't enough to cause a failure straight away. Virtual desktops are the next generation of workstations and allow you many benefits such as antivirus protection built-in with less system resource usage than a regular desktop. Virtual desktops combined with regular data backups can protect your company's technological infrastructure from data loss.

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Common Human Error

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or drive, formatted the wrong device, or any other common workplace error that can turn out to be very costly? With regular data backups, this is less likely to happen. Virtual desktops are an integral part of data backup solutions because it's easier for employees to use them and they can be centrally located on one server instead of individual hard drives all around your office which allows quicker recovery time.

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Financial Impact of Data Loss

Data loss can be very costly to companies. It's not just the data that you lose, it's also all of your time and effort which has gone into compiling this information in the first place. Virtual desktops are designed to reduce any slowdowns when trying to access vital work files ensuring employees productivity remains high at all times.

Data loss can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to overcome unless you are doing regular backups. Luckily, the days of needing media-vaulted backups and manual recovery methods in your back pocket at all times are gone. Now that there are so many backup options to choose from, it's easier and more effective than ever before. Ability Technologies can provide your company with backup and disaster recovery solutions or virtual desktop solutions to help save you the embarrassment of a computer failure in the future.

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